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Charlotte editorial cartoon depicts Cam Newton wearing ‘Hello Kitty’ shirt (pic)

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is having a tough go of it in his second NFL season. Not only are his passing statistics sub-par (2 TD passes, 6 INTs) through three games this season, his off-the-field attitude has been subject of much debate, most of it derisive in nature, especially his behavior on the sidelines and in his post-game news conference following his dismal performance against the New York Giants last Thursday.

Some of the harshest criticism has come from in-house, with wide receiver Steve Smith castigating Newton for his sulking on the sidelines during the blowout loss to the Giants.

Apparently, Kevin Siers, a Charlotte-based editorial cartoonist, has taken the pulse of the city’s residents and believes the town’s citizens share a similar sentiment regarding the Panthers’ franchise quarterback, as evidenced by the scathing illustrated commentary published in today’s edition of the Observer, which depicts Newton peeling back his Panthers jersey in his patented “Superman” celebration, only the Superman “S” is not emblazoned upon his chest. Instead, it’s a “Hello Kitty” shirt.

Ouch. That’s harsh. Perhaps even a bit too harsh given Newton is still a kid and deserves a little more time to mature.

Still, I guess it’s better than if Newton was sporting a Powerpuff Girls shirt. Kind of.

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