Sportress of Blogitude has a ‘TebowZone’ page devoted to ‘EVERY TIM TEBOW GAME HIGHLIGHT’ (pic)

Not that it should be surprising in the least given that a large segment of the population has an insatiable thirst for any and all Tim Tebow-related news no matter how benign or meaningless (say, this post, for instance), has an extra special page set up specifically to document with video each and every time the New York Jets quarterback makes an appearance on the field and does something.

As anyone who has been following the Jets at all this season undoubtedly is aware that Tebow has not made a huge splash with the Jets, insofar as contributions on the field have been concerned, so the TebowZone page consequently has a dearth of captivating or relevant footage.

To wit, here are the summaries for the three videos featuring all the Tebow action from the first three weeks currently on the TebowZone page:

WEEK 1 VS. BILLS: Tim Tebow made his New York Jets debut in a 48-28 victory over the Buffalo Bills, playing multiple positions on offense but never attempting a single pass while under center. He DID recover an onside kick late in the game however, and finished with 5 carries for 11 yards.

WEEK 2 VS. STEELERS: Tim Tebow was in the game for three plays including a 22-yard run in the third quarter. The New York Jets lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-10

WEEK 3 VS. DOLPHINS: Tim Tebow ran for 5 yards and a first down on a fake punt in a 23-20 overtime win against the Miami Dolphins. Three weeks into the 2012 season, however, the Jets’ wildcat offense still struggles.

Utterly fascinating. Thank goodness set up this page. Crap, even the replacement referees think TebowZone is stupid.

[H/T Game On!]