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Freaky point-of-view look at a Navy SEAL parachuting into Dodger Stadium (video)

Are you someone who has always dreamed of staring down into a baseball stadium from thousands of feet above the ground and then throwing caution to the wind (literally) by parachuting into said stadium? But due to financial and logistical constraints, the chances that you will ever realize your dream are slim to none?

Or better put, if you’re anything like me (I’ll be honest, I get nervous looking out of windows in taller buildings), that the possibility that you would willingly leap out of an airplane and plummet towards the earth by choice — even with the near-certain likelihood that the parachute strapped to your back would function appropriately — are so remote that it does not even bear discussion, even if you were afforded the opportunity?

If you fall into the category of people — which I most certainly belong — that would never jump out of an airplane, this video is for you, as it shows — quite intensely — exactly how parachuting into Dodger Stadium would look, courtesy of a point-of-view camera filming a Navy SEAL performing that very stunt.

Yeah, not interested in doing that, not even in the slightest. But the undated video, which must have been from at least a few weeks ago since the Dodgers have been on the road the past week or so, is pretty cool for sure. Live vicariously through people much braver than you, I say.

[H/T Eye on Baseball]