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Carrie Underwood, wife of Predators star Mike Fisher: ‘A little happy’ about lockout

In a comment that is completely understandable but surely will not ingratiate her to Predators fans in Nashville and beyond — and maybe some NHL fans in general — country music star Carrie Underwood, the gorgeous wife of Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher, admitted that she isn’t that heartbroken over the NHL lockout.

The couple, married since July 2010, apparently have been enjoying Fisher’s time off from the NHL. And let’s be honest: the two certainly are more than able to get by without Fisher’s NHL paychecks.

Underwood, currently on tour, apparently was quite giddy during her sit-down for an interview with The Tennessean, as her hubby surprised her with an unannounced, surprise visit. The discussion turned to Fisher and the NHL lockout, and Underwood couldn’t hide her happiness as the lockout obviously opened up Fisher’s schedule, allowing the couple the opportunity to spend plenty of quality time together.

In light of the fact that Fisher has chosen to remain in Nashville during the lockout and not play overseas, Underwood, while enjoying the extra time with her husband, said that Fisher is still training hard to stay in shape just in case the lockout is settled. She then conceded that while it may be selfish, she’s happy Fisher is not currently dealing with the rigors and time demands of an NHL training camp:

“He’s such a disciplined guy that he has to train and make sure he’s ready regardless of what’s going on,” she says. “He’s got so much to do on his end, and I certainly don’t want to be the cause of him not being able to give it his all.”

Still, Underwood is hopeful there may be more surprise visits in her future. “Is it wrong for me to be a little happy (about the lockout)? I mean, ‘I’m sorry for you, but it’s great for me.’”

How dare she? How dare Carrie Underwood put her happiness above the happiness of a bunch of hockey fans? The nerve of some people. Sheesh.

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