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Sacrebleu! Soccer player in France celebrates goal with pacifier prop (video)

Soccer players throughout the world are known for coming with new and bizarre ways to celebrate scoring a goal, but what Bafetimbi Gomis did following a goal is truly bizarre.

After scoring in the 59th minute of a Europa League match pitting Lyon against Sparta Prague, the Lyon striker pulled out a pacifier, stuck it in his mouth and proceeded to parade around the pitch. Strange.

ليون 2 : 1 سبارتا براغ by kooralive

To clarify, according to Dirty Tackle, it appears the pacifier episode was Gomis’ way of paying tribute to his newborn child.

Still, that’s some weird, wild, wacky stuff. If he doesn’t have a nickname yet, might I suggest le bébé? And does he know that using that pacifier will wreak havoc on his dental development, leading to a lifetime of retainers, headgear and braces? Sheesh.

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