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BuzzFeed wins the internets by giving each NFL QB a Muppet doppelganger (photos)

We all have to give an enormous amount of credit to BuzzFeed Community Contributor Ben Rosen for putting together this delightful piece of work, perfect for a Friday. Heck, it’s perfect for any day.

His project consisted of pairing NFL quarterbacks with their doppelgangers from The Muppets Universe, and I must congratulate him on performing the task with a stroke of hilarious genius the way in which he paired photos of the quarterbacks that almost perfectly matched their Muppet counterparts.

Above is Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco and his Muppet doppelganger, Sam the Eagle. And wouldn’t you know it? They get even better. Check out some of my personal favorites below.

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III — Rowlf the Dog:

 Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger — The Bread Monster:

Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden — Rizzo the Rat:

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers — Chester Rat:

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck — Howard Tubman:

Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton — Luncheon Counter Monster:

Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder — Darci:

Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub — Caveman:

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert — Nate Leakey:

Arizona Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb — The Weather Guy:

New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez — Kermit the Frog:

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler — The Newsman:

Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill — Beaker:

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees — Gonzo:

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady — Pepe the King Prawn:

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo — Scooter:

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning — Johnny Fiama:

And finally, perhaps the best — and definitely most accurate — NFL quarterback-to-Muppet doppelganger comparison:

Ha! Bravo, BuzzFeed. Bra-freaking-vo.

I know what you’re thinking: where’s Tim Tebow? No rundown of NFL quarterbacks, irrespective of the reasoning behind it, is not complete without Timmy. Regretfully, Tebow was not included in the many other wonderful NFL QB Muppets I did not feature above over at BuzzFeed — perhaps there is not a fitting Muppet for Tebow — but I did take it upon myself to come up with a reasonable, and fitting, approximation.