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Barkley on Tiger taking high road: ‘I wish I could put some of my blackness in him’

Charles Barkley made an appearance on Waddle and Silvy’s radio program on ESPN Chicago and during what can only be assumed was a great segment — it was Charles Barkley, after all — the topic of how Greg Norman opined that Tiger Woods is now intimidated by pal Rory McIlroy came up.

And as Barkley is wont to do, when he expressed his opinion on the subject, he was provocative, insightful, and above all, entertaining. And in this case, a little sexual innuendo thrown in there courtesy of an unintentional — yet hilarious — double entendre.

To play catch up with the story, golf legend Greg Norman said recently that he believes Tiger Woods now is intimidated by Rory McIlroy, a notion something both Tiger and Rory scoffed at, even cracking jokes about the absurdity of it all.

But here’s what Barkley had to say about how he believes Woods took the high road, and if he were Tiger, he would have torn Norman a new one for making such a ludicrous statement:

“I would like for him to just blast Greg Norman … That situation gave everybody a chance to dump on you, and [Tiger] still tried to take the high road. I’m not a high road guy. I want him to come out and really blast Greg Norman. I wish he would go ballistic on Greg … I wish I could put some of my blackness in him … like toughness … [I’ve been] arrested eight times for fighting … just because I’m Charles Barkley, you can’t disrespect me … you just can’t say anything to me anytime you want to …”

I wish I could put some of my blackness in him? Easy there, Chuck. I know you guys were good buddies at one point but have drifted apart since Tiger’s very public downfall (by Tiger’s choice, apparently), but let’s take it down a notch, okay?

But seriously, Barkley is absolutely right. Colorful, yes, but dead-on accurate. More or less, Tiger has taken the high road since his whoremongering came to light. He remains capable of being aloof at time, but Woods had every right to blast Norman for making the comment.

(to hear audio of Barkley’s comments, head on over to The Big Lead)