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Vendor at Boys II Men concert sells ‘Aaron Rodgers Cry Baby Chicken Club’ sandwich

Boys II Men may not be packing arenas like they did in their heyday way back when, but they’re still touring and entertaining fans. Granted, they are now playing county fairs, but that does not mean that the Boys II Men haven’t been in the news as of late.

Now, the reason the R&B group have been in the news does not stem from their musical prowess, it comes from a bet singer Nathan Morris made with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers before the Pack faced the San Francisco 49ers in Week 1. And now things are getting tasty. Or something.

To backtrack, the terms of the bet were that if the 49ers upset the Packers at Lambeau Field, Rodgers would have to wear an Alex Smith jersey. Of course, the Packers did lose to the Niners 30-22, but Rodgers ended up welching and not honoring the wager, saying the bet got “got blown way out of proportion.”

The fellas from Boys II Men allowed Rodgers to skate in light of the short week the Packers had heading into a short week match-up with the rival Chicago Bears.

But that hasn’t stopped one wisenheimer food vendor at a Boys II Men concert at the L.A. County Fair in Ponoma on Thursday night from sending a culinary zinger Aaron Rodgers’ way

TMZ reports that a food vendor sold a “Aaron Rodgers Cry Baby Chicken Club” sandwich at the concert.

The vendor, a sports bar called Finish Line Sports, told TMZ that the Aaron Rodgers Cry Baby Chicken Club sandwich will be served on San Francisco sourdough bread and will come 49er fries on the side.

Ohhh, sweet sandwich-ey comeuppance!

And as far as the original bet is concerned, my guess is this won’t be the “End of the Road” as it relates to hearing about it. Yeah, I went there.