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Tim Tebow profiled in Vogue, photographed shirtless rolling a ginormous tire (pic/vid)

(Photo credit: Annie Leibovitz, Vogue)

 New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow is profiled in the upcoming October 2012 issue of Vogue in an enlightening profile piece written by Taylor Antri entitled, “Superman Returns: Tim Tebow, America’s Most Talked-About Quarterback, Touches Down in New York.”

Antri conducts the interview with Tebow while the star quarterback is in Cincinnati for the Jets preseason game against the Bengals on Aug. 10, his first game in green. It is more or less a customary write-up about one of the most popular yet polarizing figures in sports, geared to the typical reader of Vogue who may not be so well-versed on all things related to Tebow and the Tebowmania phenomenon.

The piece does, however, include some interesting comments from Tebow himself on his experiences during the transition from Denver to the Big Apple, as well as the following intriguing quote of praise from celebrity pal Jon Hamm, star of Mad Men:

“He’s a force. Completely genuine—nice and funny and down-to-earth. First and foremost he wants to be a football player, not a media sensation or have a reality show.”

High praise. And if the guy who portrays Don Draper is a fan, as far as I’m concerned, we have no choice but to follow suit. Seriously.

But not only is the profile illuminating in other respects, the photo shoot was handled by none other than the famed celebrity photog Annie Leibovitz. Two photos were included in the online article, although I suspect there might be more photographs in the magazine version — one of which appears above, featuring a shirtless Tebow rolling a huge tire, an image that will drive the girls who love nice, honest, God-fearing boys crazy. And Fireman Ed.

Vogue was also kind enough to put together a behind-the-scenes video of Tebow’s photo shoot with Leibovitz:

That Tebow. Jon Hamm loves the guy, for crying out loud.  I suppose so should we.