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RG3 appears in promo, will appear on season premiere of ‘The League’ (video)

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, he of the Subway, Gatorade, adidas and who knows what other additional television commercials, understands that to properly market yourself, you have to put yourself out there. And perhaps more importantly, RG3 must be familiar with old adage, “Strike while the iron is hot,” because let’s face, the guy’s face is everywhere.

Which makes it perfect sense that RG3 appears in a commercial promoting the Season 4 premiere of The League, a vastly underrated show that uses a fantasy football league as its starting-off point but meanders far, far away from the central theme/plot point.

Watch RG3 ham it up with actor Nick Kroll, who portrays the smarmy Ruxin on the show (he also starred in the short-lived sitcom classic, Cavemen, so that’s…something) in a promo for the premiere episode of the fourth season of the brilliant series which will air Thursday, Oct. 11 on FX.

Slick suit, RG3.

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