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‘Total douchebag’: Shaun White’s arrest, Taiwanese Animation-style (video)

Characterized as a “total douchebag” who is “disgracing snowboarders and redheads everywhere,” NMA World Edition’s treatment of Shaun White’s arrest for vandalism and public intoxication on Sunday is one of the better Taiwanese Animation Treatments of recent memory.

Depicted as a legged tomato due to his “Flying Tomato” moniker, White-as-Tomato is featured in the animated short urinating his name on a wall and the cartoon version of a human White is depicted in less flattering ways, as well as transformed into much less appealing objects. Hint: it involves douchebags.

Yep, Shaun White is characterized as a brand of douche, which is purchased by a woman with that not-so-fresh feeling often alluded to in the douche commercials and then, uh, subsequently inserted.

Nope, no punches were pulled in the creation of this Taiwanese-animated, Bizarro World-version of a newsreel. There is also a scene where White is shown getting stoned with a swimmer. I’m assuming that’s a reference to Michael Phelps, but who knows with the strange cats behind these videos.