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Tony Stewart whispers in interview so not to wake up girl that’s ‘not that hot’

NASCAR star Tony Stewart was making an appearance on Sirius/XM’s “The Morning Drive” with Mike Bagley and Pete Pistone on Wednesday morning for an interview, and from how it started off, Stewart might have been a bit distracted. Or has quite the devilish sense of humor.

As a person wholly unfamiliar with NASCAR and the multitudes of personalities that populate it, I cannot say exactly what transpired during the onset of the interview is a real characterization of what was occurring wherever Stewart happened to be, but at the same time, I am aware that Stewart is something of an uncompromising and hotheaded rebel who couldn’t care less what people think or whether or not he is offending anyone, so it’s pretty much a toss-up at this point.

But either way, it sure was amusing.

With the hosts greeting the NASCAR driver at the beginning of the interview, a groggy-sounding Stewart was asked whether they had woken him up, to which Stewart replied:

”Yes, I’m trying to not wake up my date. … She’s not that hot, so I don’t really want to wake her up. I’m trying to get out.”

Gold. I can imagine some less-than-attractive NASCAR groupie passed out in Stewart’s bed, and with the taste of far-too-much Jim Beam or what-have-you lurking on the driver’s breath, Stewart carefully trying to ease out of the bed in a desperate attempt not to wake his latest sleazy conquest. I mean, who hasn’t been scheduled for an early morning national radio interview, engulfed in the stink and shame of an embarrassing conquest as the hag is passed out in bed right next to you? Man, if I had a nickel…

[H/T Game On!]