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Orioles relief pitcher Tommy Hunter victimized in bullpen by pooping seagulls

Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Tommy Hunter was on the receiving end of a not-so-nice of a gift from high above, courtesy of some members of the winged animal kingdom during Tuesday’s game against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field.

While warming up in the 16th inning of a marathon of a game (one the O’s eventually won 4-2 in an 18-inning, nearly six-hour affair), Hunter felt something strike the bill of his cap. Assuming it was simply one of his teammates messing around with him, Hunter paid no mind, but realized before long that it was not the shenanigans of one of his fellow relief pitchers. Instead, the impact upon his cap was being caused by seagull droppings.

Said Hunter following the game (via the Baltimore Sun):

“I was minding my own business, not doing anything. I thought it was [reliever Luis] Ayala throwing stuff at me. You know, he usually does. So I didn’t know what it was,” Hunter said. “I just thought someone threw a piece of gum and hit me. It wasn’t a piece of gum, man. Everybody just started dying laughing.  Then everybody said it was good luck. Then we won.

“I was getting ready to go warm up and it went [plop] and I looked at it and everyone started laughing. I had bird [droppings] on my head.”

A most unsettling of experiences, especially given that Hunter was about to take the mound in a tense, extra-inning tilt.

Mentioning that it was his favorite hat, Hunter lamented his sullied cap, bemoaning, “It sucks. It’s terrible.” Unfortunately, due to his a “huge dome” — “a large landing zone, I guess,” he joked — Hunter was forced to pitch with his defecated-upon cap.

But as Hunter mentioned, the bird droppings may have imparted some good luck upon the pitcher, as he earned the win in the hard-fought game, pitching two innings, surrendering only one hit and striking out one.

Between this story and the pigeon-pooping issue presently taking place at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the home of the Denver Broncos, it seems that the birds are having the last laugh this fall.