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Lane Kiffin abruptly ends presser after 28 seconds following reporter’s inquiry (vid)

Whether by accident or a deliberate and conscious act, over the years, USC Trojans head football coach Lane Kiffin has cultivated a reputation as being a petulant and conceited individual. Some may even go so far as to call him an insufferable jerk, and to those people, it probably will not come as a surprise that Lane Kiffin immediately ended a media session after only 28 seconds for what appears to be a reporter’s inquiry related to a player’s injury status. Yeah, that’s pretty insufferable of an act, not to mention kind of ¬†jerky.

Earlier this month, USC banned Los Angeles Daily News reporter Scott Wolf¬†from practices for two weeks and refused to credential him after he reported on a player’s injury, a violation of USC policy. To be fair, the ban was later lifted, but the damage had already been done, in a manner of speaking, as it cast USC’s football program in a negative light and perhaps caused a distraction.

Which brings us to Wednesday’s incident. Kiffin, clearly perturbed by the line of questioning, stews for a moment, before abruptly saying, “I gotta go,” or at least that’s how it sounds.

A note in the YouTube description of the video states: “In keeping with USC practice policy, the question stating the player’s name and status at practice has been muted.” Good grief.

How dare a reporter actually engage in the act of reporting? The nerve of some people.

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