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Eva Longoria talks Sanchez with Chelsea Handler, says host should date Tebow (vid)

Eva Longoria, the main squeeze of New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, dropped by for a chat with Chelsea Handler on the host’s show on E!, Chelsea Lately. Invariably, the topic of Longoria’s new beau came up. As she did during a recent appearance on Extra!, Longoria attempted to somewhat downplay discussion of the relationship and sidestep the inquiry, she nevertheless admitted the two are an item.

Via E!:

“You’ve been dating awhile?” host Chelsea Handler inquired.

“For a second,” replied Longoria with a smile. “He’s focused right now on football.”

But what will perhaps the most attention was Longoria’s outrageous suggestion that Handler date one of Sanchez’s more prominent teammates after the host expressed interest in dating an athlete. Longoria, hopefully in jest, said, “We should set you up with [Tim] Tebow!”

Handler, not buying it, bluntly retorted, “”Tebow? Oh yeah, that would be a perfect match for me.”

Yeah, we’re with Handler on this one. A coupling of Tim Tebow and the outrageous and outlandish Handler would go over about as well as a fart in church. Or another rumored/speculated/never-going-to-happen pairing with Katy Perry. Or Kim Kardashian. Or Jenny McCarthy. Or Taylor Swift.

Good grief. This guy sure does get around a lot for never getting around.

(video via HuffPo)