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Paulina Gretzky’s first uploaded pic to WhoSay is a stunning one (photos)

On Thursday evening, the lovely Paulina Gretzky tweeted out a message that she had uploaded a new photo — a cause for much excitement throughout the interwebs — with the following message, “My first post on Who Say! Hiiiii : )”

As you can see, it is certifiably stunning, perhaps one of the best pics of the countless ones she has uploaded. She looks phenomenal.

To commemorate this grand occasion, I perused the photos she has most recently uploaded and put together a nifty little gallery below. Consider it a gift from Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man. By no means are the pics below a comprehensive accounting of all the Paulina Gretzky ogling material on the interwebs, just some of the best of late. Enjoy.



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