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Nightmare Fuel: Plaxico Burress shows off his grotesque hands on ESPN (animated GIF)

Plaxico Burress, when he wasn’t shooting himself in the leg in New York nightclubs, was an accomplished wide receiver in the NFL over 10 highly productive seasons. Currently, Plaxico is without an NFL job and now is making appearances while nattily attired on The Worldwide Leader in Sports.

During a segment on SportsCenter Friday, Burress showcased what terrible and grotesque fate can befall a wide receiver’s hands after they have spent years with quarterbacks “whistling the ball 40-50 miles per hour and you’re ten yards in front of them.” Believe you me, it ain’t pretty.



Yamma hamma, it’s fright night. That ain’t right, man. Wide receivers, offensive lineman, quarterbacks, you name it: if a guy played in the NFL, there’s a decent chance he’s going to end up with some nasty-ass, gnarled hands. The evidence is abundant. Good grief.

One last note about that animated GIF: Do you know what is perhaps even more troubling about it above and beyond Burress’ mangled meat hooks he calls hands? The fact that there is no mention of Tim Tebow in the coming stories. What’s up with that?

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