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Lolo Jones denies that she and Lions star Ndamukong Suh are dating

 Once again, SoB has seized the mantle and continues to be your go-to source for the comings and goings, the ups and downs, the denials and admissions of all things about the love lives of star athletes. Thursday, it was the news that Miss USA Olivia Culpo denying that she and Olympic swimming star Ryan Lochte were an item and then it was the big news that Eva Longoria fessed up and admitted that she and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez are romantically involved.

Now comes word that US Olympic hurdler, the virginal Lolo Jones, has emerged to set the record straight and quell the rumors that she and Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh are allegedly dating. Turns out, according to Jones, they are not more than friends.

In an exclusive interview with Playbook, Jones comes right out and shoots down the gossip, saying the following about her and Suh: “We are not currently dating.”

Jones, who is set to visit the White House on Friday with her fellow US Olympians, while saying that she and Suh are just friends and enjoy joking around with each other, couldn’t resist the urge to make a joke about the rumored pairing, saying, “However, if the Lions win the Super Bowl and he wants to use the ring to propose to me, then we’ll see.”

Ha. That Lolo. What a joker. The Lions winning the Super Bowl? Laughable!

Actually, as crazy as it may have sounded even just a few years ago, the prospects of the Lions not only making the Super Bowl but winning it are not so remote. A long-shot, perhaps, but the team has a fighting chance. I guess we’ll have to wait until February to see how this all plays out.