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NFL analyst animated GIF: Steve Mariucci manhandled by rabid Packers fans

If I heard it correctly during NFL Network’s coverage of the Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears game on Thursday night, analyst Steve Mariucci copped to growing up a Packer backer. And if that proves inaccurate, no matter: Mariucci cut his NFL coaching teeth as quarterbacks coach for Green Bay from 1992-1995 before moving on to head coaching stints with the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions.

What makes this exercise in Mariucci’s allegiances and coaching history at least borderline relevant is how he was manhandled by mob of Packers fans during a segment on Thursday.

Animated GIF follows.

Jeez Louise, that chaotic exhibition resembles a scene straight out of a zombie movie where one of the main characters is dragged off screaming by a bloodthirsty and brain-hungry horde of the undead. To be honest, I was waiting for one of those Packers fans to start gnawing on his skull while two others ripped open his torso and began pulling out his entrails. Scary stuff.

[H/T SB Nation]