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And now, for cynical NHL fans everywhere: ‘The Lockout Song’ (video)

Cynicism appears to be the prevailing attitude held by a majority of NHL fans on this terrible day of days. With the days dwindling to hours and eventually, down to minutes between us and yet another NHL work stoppage, there really is not any other choice but to dread the coming deadline Saturday and what seems to be with each passing moment an NHL lockout.

Joining the highly cynical animated video that explains the NHL lockout in exquisite sarcastic fashion from a few days ago is “The Lockout Song,” a wonderful and snappy little diddy that will hopefully sprinkle a little sunshine on this otherwise potentially dreary day for NHL fans.

Nicely executed. Bravo. You know, despite my sour mood, I’m ready to do a little dancing after listening to that song. I mean, it’s a trip, it’s got a funky beat and I can bug out to it.

Well, either that or just sit here and dejectedly cry. One or the other.

[H/T Puck Daddy]