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Taken out of context and put on a loop, what Michael Irvin says here is…yikes (vid)

I wasn’t paying complete and total attention to NFL Network’s pregame show leading in to the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers game on Thursday night — although I do recall hearing Michael Irvin yelling way too loud for far too long.

Speaking of Irvin, Mocksession took a small section of one of Irvin’s typically over-the-top rants/commentaries during the pregame telecast, loaded it into some kind of player far too sophisticated for my limited understanding of highfalutin technology and set in on a loop. And hoo boy, when it’s all put together in such a way, it results in something hilariously awkward. And I’m not overstating that one iota.


Note, per Mockession: This video is best viewed in Safari or Chrome. Firefox doesn’t support the loop attribute that is, really, the point of these.

Like I stated above, hoo boy. What makes it worse is that the loop of Irvin’s odd choice of phrase — of course, taken out of context without what he said before and after — is completely and utterly hypnotic. That ain’t good.

[H/T Mocksession]