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Here’s Gary Bettman in the most Gary Bettman photo ever (pic)

Would you look at that? I came across this photo of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman in the newspaper this morning and something about it caused such a visceral reaction in me I couldn’t resist briefly commenting on it any longer.

The smugness of it all is what’s most striking. The perceived arrogance that can be gleaned from it as well. Obviously, a photo captures but a brief moment in time and even the most photogenic individual — something of course Gary Bettman is most certainly not — can be depicted looking ridiculous, smug, what have you, but this image sure is a doozy.

Either Bettman or someone around him just cut a nasty fart, or the NHL commissioner is attempting to do his best Marlon Brando imitation in The Godfather, but in his case, I would suggest altering the name slightly to The Derpfather. “I’ll give them an offer they have no choice but to refuse.”

Not saying the looming lockout is all Bettman’s fault — it would be far-fetched and irresponsible to lay all the blame at his feet — but the commissioner has presided over far too many instances of labor-ownership strife during his tenure to simply ignore his integral role in yet another possible lockout.

Whatever it takes, NHL and NHLPA, just come to an agreement, for crying out loud. But until they do, and time is running desperately short, marvel at that photo. It truly is something. Exactly what, I do not know.