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Chipper Jones receives bratwurst as his retirement gift from Brewers (pic)

The Chipper Jones Farewell Tour is winding down and with his retirement only weeks away, opposing teams left on the schedule are making sure the Atlanta Braves legend receives a proper sendoff.

The most recent MLB team to present Jones with a retirement gift was the Milwaukee Brewers. With the Klement’s Racing Sausages surrounding him, Chipper received a year’s supply of sausages from Klement’s and a gas grill from the Brewers prior to Wednesday’s series finale at Miller Park.

In what may seem like a jokey and predictable gift from a team that plays in Milwaukee, the gesture was much appreciated by Jones. When asked at the All-Star Game in July what he’d like to get from the Brewers, he reportedly said he wanted bratwurst. Yum.

Chipper said that the gift will be well-received in the Jones household saying, ““I love them. We all do.” The good eats are perhaps the best gift Jones has received from an opposing team. And hey, it sure as heck is better than  a surfboard.

[H/T Hardball Talk, image via]