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Axe-Man: Want a 10-foot tall Steve Nash-themed guitar? Got $10,000? (photo)

Steve Nash always has been a beloved basketball player during his many stops on his NBA tour, and while it appears to only be a decorative piece as an accomplished professional musician would have to be 20-feet-tall to wield it and take it on a tour of his or her own, for$10,000, one of his fans could be the proud owner of a 10-foot tall guitar bearing his likeness.

Sure, the guitar doesn’t accurately represent Steve’s current stop on his aforementioned NBA tour as it features Nash in a Phoenix Suns jersey and not a Los Angeles Lakers jersey. But such issues are mere trifles when one takes a moment to gaze upon the beauty and majesty of the oversized six-string.


The relevant details about the unique item, via the eBay description:

Steve Nash 10 foot fiber glass guitar
I purchased this guitar from purchased from the auction
GuitarMania 2005
It is on a metal rolling stand which i painted orange and purple.
the guitar weighs about 150 pounds and
the metal base is at least 150 pounds
it does swivil from side to side
this is a very cool piece of memorabilia
it has been in my collection since then
it is in great shape.
it can been seen by appointment only..

Rock and roll, man.

The best part of the guitar’s description is how this Arizona resident closes:


Boo, indeed.