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According to Miss USA herself, it turns out Ryan Lochte is not dating Olivia Culpo

Yet another casualty of irresponsible relationship rumor-mongering has occurred, started by speculation that  a man and a woman must be romantically involved simply due to the fact that they are photographed together, as according to Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, she and US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte are not dating.

Her insistence that she  is not involved with Lochte flies in the face of countless unsubstantiated claims that the two invariably must be an item because they were spotted in proximity of one another during fashion week.

It also somewhat flies in the face of recent comments made about Culpo by Lochtem who gushed about her to E!, which leads one to suspect he might have become quite smitten with the pageant winner.

First, Culpo’s comments to the New York Post:

“We met last week, and that was it. People make up things when they see people together. We met, and, the next thing, you read something like that. You can’t really base it off of just meeting someone.”

While Culpo is saying she currently is not dating Lochte, it doesn’t appear that she would rule it out if given the chance to get to know Lochte better, something that probably will come as a relief to the Olympic gold medalist, who clearly has taken a shine to Culpo:

“She is beautiful. I love hanging out with her. She has a great sense of humor, she makes me laugh, she’s just a good girl to hang out with.”

Hoo boy. In the end, who knows what will become of their chance meeting. She’s definitely an attractive gal and by all accounts the ladies love Lochte, so, maybe they will get together, maybe not. In the end, who really cares. All I know is the juxtaposition between Culpo’s comments and Lochte’s thoughts about her are amusingly awkward. In fact, the difference reminds me of some of my experiences at a younger age. I’ll let you guess which one I identify with more.