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With mustaches on sticks, New Yorkers beg Keith Hernandez to keep his (video)

If you haven’t heard, Keith Hernandez, a New York Mets legend-turned respected and admired analyst on team telecasts, recently said he has been considering shaving off his trademark mustache, saying that he just might show up for the final game of the season with what would be a disconcerting absence of the ever-present soup-strainer upon his face.

Of course, the mere thought of Hernandez parting with his sweet ‘stache has left mustache lovers and New Yorkers in a tizzy. Some of the former even have started an online petition on begging Hernandez to keep the facial hair and the latter took part in a video for MLB Fan Cave about the possibly momentous event.

Armed with fake mustaches on a stick (although inserting “fake” into it might not have been necessary), random New Yorkers raised the fake mustache and implored their mustachioed here to keep the dang thing.

He’s Keith Hernandez, people. But would he remain that without the mustache. Frankly, I don’t even want to think about it.