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When he needs a laugh, Aaron Rodgers relies on the smugness of Alex Trebek

By all indications, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears to be an affable fellow with a pretty good sense of humor. In fact, I imagine much like Mitt Romey, Rodgers lives for laughter, but that’s another story altogether.

During his Tuesday appearance with Jason Wilde on ESPN Radio Milwaukee, Rodgers discussed a multitude of topics, including Green Bay’s disheartening loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday and the team’s short week of preparation heading into its divisional match-up with the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

But it wasn’t all football talk. Rodgers also addressed some more lighthearted fare, such as his use of hotel aliases, his worries about overexposure with his many endorsements, and most interestingly, what makes him laugh.

In light of the fact that the Packers quarterback likely was still smarting from Sunday’s Lambeau Field loss and probably wasn’t in the mood to joke around, the timing of the question was curious. But when he was asked what makes him laugh, Rodgers agreeably answered, yet his response wasn’t what one would expect or consider the standard fare. You know, like Jim Carrey movies, Nicholas Sparks books or the many things Wisconsinites make out of cheese (or construct out of foam to resemble cheese). Nope, what Rodgers really finds hilarious is the smugness routinely displayed by Alex Trebek during an episode of Jeopardy! 

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On what else makes him laugh:

“The smugness of Alex Trebek when he corrects a contestant on Jeopardy. I just think it’s so incredible. It’s like, ‘Alex, really, you knew that one?’ I mean, he’s just so smug about it sometimes. I love celebrity jeopardy. That’s another one of my favorite things. I mean, SNL and MAD TV has been the source of a lot of laughter. The MAD TV did a spoof on the Abercrombie commercials, and just Abercrombie in general that’s just unbelievable, so I would recommend going and checking that out if you have a little time.”

Wait. MADtv? Is that show still on? No, it is not. According to Wikipedia, that show has gone the way of the Dodo bird, way back in 2009.

But no matter, if Rodgers gets a mighty chuckle and belly laughs out of reruns featuring the madcap (but not very humorous) antics of Will Sasso and Frank Caliendo, so be it. But back to Trebek. He really is one smug S.O.B., is he not? Much like that jerk  Michael from Melrose PlaceBut once again, that’s another story altogether.