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Wait, there’s a blooper reel from John Clayton’s SportsCenter commercial? (vid)

The Gods of the Internet have showed us their benevolence, my friends, as a blooper reel has been released by ESPN featuring behind-the-scenes footage from arguably the best “This is SportsCenter” commercial ever (and that’s saying something).

In the instantly classic spot, it is presupposed that John Clayton, despite his professionalism and reliability he exhibits as ESPN’s most buttoned-down NFL analyst, lives with his mother and shoots his spots for SportsCenter from her house, all from his metalhead-decorated, teenager-esque bedroom.

Clayton, sporting a wig and rocking a Slayer shirt, absolutely nails it and now we have the blooper reel from the brilliant commercial shoot.

First, the original ad:

Ha. “MA! WHEN’S DINNER??? Awesome. Just awesome.

Even better? “BULLS**T! WE’RE GOING TO THE MALL!” Simply, utterly brilliant.

Rejoice, fellow internetians, for the fates have smiled upon us today.