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Undaunted by the Chipotle free lunch fail, JaVale McGee tries Noodles & Company

Above is a photo of Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee posing for a photo with the sole person who took him up on his offer Monday for free lunch to the first ten of his Twitter followers at a Denver-area Chipotle. Yep, only one person showed up.

For some reason or another known only to McGee, he has since deleted the photo and any of the tweets related to his offer of tasty burritos, although he did retweet the tweet from Andy Mathisen, the young man who took him up on his offer of Mexican fast food (okay, not fast food, good food quickly) goodenss. Strange.

Undaunted and undeterred, McGee was back at it Wednesday, offering up free grub at Noodles & Company to the first 10 people who show up at 2:30:

Once again, McGee has deleted the associated tweet, but Ball Don’t Lie snagged a screengrab:

Well, one thing’s for certain: you have to admire McGee for his sticktoitiveness and tenacity as it relates to his dedication to desperately try to feed his fans for free.

How will his latest endeavor at feeding the masses work out? I guess we’ll have to wait and see until after 2:30 Denver time. Hopefully, someone will tweet a pic of 10 fans and McGee gnoshing on some noodles and then McGee will retweet it. Although if you ask me, if you can’t get 10 people to show up for some Chipotle deliciousness, odds are a free Noodles & Company lunch will make it even harder to lure hungry fans. But that’s just my personal opinion.