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Pretty sneaky, uh, senor? Ricky Rubio plays Connect Four Basketball (video)

Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio currently is rehabbing his left knee after suffering a tear to his ACL and lateral collateral ligament in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers on March 9. Rubio underwent  surgery in March and with an aggressive rehabilitation schedule and some luck, the Spanish phenom hopes to be fully recovered and back on the court competing with the T-Wolves by December.

In the interim and between bouts of rehab, it looks like Rubio is spending some of his idle time appearing on shows in Spain and competing in a wacky version of the classic game Connect Four where instead of dropping discs into a board in the hopes of outwitting your sneaky sister, players shoot basketballs with the goal of outfoxing their opponent by lining up four roundballs in order to vanquish your opponent.

Rubio’s appearance was on the on the Spanish talk show “El Hormiguero,” which according to Ball Don’t Lie, is translated as “The Anthill.” The show even has ant puppets who go by the names Trancas and Barrancas, which loosely translated means “in fits and starts.” So there you go.

Since it is an always-amusing endeavor, here’s the translation of the YouTube description, which is in Spanish:

Pablo Motos Ricky Rubio proposed to make a game with what each does best, Paul play the 4 in a row and the balonesto Ricky. The presenter of The Ant has had to put on the shirt of NBA player to have more accuracy in shooting.

Well, that certainly explains it.

To be honest, Rubio, although not moving around a lot, appears fairly spry and the 21-year-old looks to be well on his way to making a triumphant return to the hardcourt next season. The sooner the better. At the same time, playing Connect Four Basketball is a wholly different animal than the grueling endeavor that is an NBA season, although if I had to make a guess, I’d say Dan Cortese would love to see a ginormous Connect Four board incorporated into the NBA game. There’s always room for some Rock N’ Jock in basketball, baby. Rock N’ Jock.