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Ozzie Guillen: Obama’s hair makes him look like ‘he (expletive) managed the Marlins’

In a recent “Inside the Marlins” column in The Palm Beach Post, there was a section entitled, “Stuff Ozzie Says,” which, without checking, I assume is a feature the editors can run pretty much every single day given Miami Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen’s penchant for, to riff on the name of a Jeopardy! category, potent quotables.

Recently, Ozzie must have taken some time away from his triumphant return to Twitter to pay attention to the developments in the upcoming presidential election, because he noticed something about President Barack Obama that caused Guillen to make a comparison between running the country and being the leader of the free world and managing an under-performing baseball team in South Florida.

So sayeth the Blizzard of Oz on the rapidly whitening-graying hair of Obama and how it has lost its luster since he took the Oath of Office:

“You see Obama from the time he was president to now, he looks like he (expletive) managed the Marlins. His hair is all white.”

Indeed. And while Guillen’s observation is true that Obama’s hair color has changed over the last four years, I suspect that if President Obama had his druthers, he would much prefer to stay in the job he currently has instead of taking over a terrible baseball team. Just a hunch. And to be honest, I’m not sure if that’s more of a commentary on the incredible pressures of being the President or the sad state of the Marlins. Huh.

Nevertheless, keep on keeping on, Ozzie. The Palm Beach Post needs copy to fill up another “Stuff Ozzie Says” entry. Chances are Ozzie will not disappoint.

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