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Nooo!!! Tom Brady has ‘faint red mark’ on nose, but it’s okay, Gisele likes it (pic)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady stepped out Monday evening for a charity bowling event sporting a “faint red mark” on his nose, the result of a sack by Tennessee Titans defensive end Kamerion Wimbley in the second quarter of the Pats’ 34-13 win on Sunday.

And while the news that Tom Brady’s chiseled face that would make Adonis’ nose red (whatever that means) may be permanently marred by a scar is obviously incredibly disturbing, the horror and dejection we are all feeling right now should be tempered at the very least by recent developments on two fronts.

The above photo doesn’t do Brady’s horrible wound justice, so here’s a better look at it (via):

 Noooo!!! His beautiful face! To paraphrase Don Corleone when he was looking down upon his son Sonny’s mutilated body: “Look how they massacred my boy.” Laugh if you must, but if you ask me, it’s an apt comparison, in light of the psychological trauma we are subjected to simply by sadly gazing at the above photo.

For one thing, Tommy Boy is cool with it. In fact, Brady said on Sunday that his nose will “be fine.” The Pats QB added, “I need some of that anyway,” before putting all our fears to rest by insisting, “I need some scars.” Whew.

But most importantly is what Brady had to say during his weekly news conference Wednesday. During a twelve-minute session with the media, Brady said that he couldn’t care less whether or not he might forever be a grotesque, disfigured mess (that’s not too much hyperbole, is it?), so long as his better half, wife Gisele Bündchen is alright with it, which apparently she is. Said Brady on Gisele’s feelings about his horrible disfigurement: “Yeah, it’s OK. My wife likes it, so I’m good.”

Double-whew. That was a close one, folks.