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Highly cynical fan uses animation, sarcasm to explain looming NHL lockout (vid)

While the news that the NHL and the NHLPA will resume talks Wednesday in an effort to avoid a lockout of the players on Saturday, Sept. 15 is encouraging, the contentious nature of the negotiations up to this point leaves many believing that a lockout is inevitable, leaving fans to once again scratch their heads and gnash their teeth over the two parties’ inability to come up with a mutually satisfying way to slice up the cash-stuffed pie that the NHL generates.

Perhaps that is putting the complexity of the multitude of  issues that need to be resolved for the two sides to agree, but in essence that is what this is all about: each party making a desperate money grab for all they can get.

One extremely embittered fan, operating in concert with the YouTube handle, University Humor, took it upon himself to articulate his thoughts on the soon-to-be impending NHL lockout, and he accomplishes his goal brilliantly courtesy of a snarky and extremely cynical animated video.

There you have it. Bravo, the folks behind University Humor. Bravo, indeed. Hopefully, the parties-that-be that appear hellbent on testing the fans’ loyalty with another protracted lockout will see this video before they sit down at the negotiating table. The best part? It’s animated, just like all of Commissioner Bettman’s favorite shows. Bonus.

[H/T Puck Daddy]