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For the second time in 10 months,’s Power Rankings lists team as ‘Tebow’ (pics)

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That’s about the only thing I can make out of the fact that for the second time in ten months,’s Power Rankings have mistakenly listed the team that Tim Tebow plays for as “Tebow.” But perhaps “mistakenly” isn’t the right way to describe it. Methinks this is all on purpose and the folks at are simply having ¬†a laugh at our expense, knowing that it is sure to whip up the anti-Tebow contingent into a frenzy.

As you can see above in a screencap of the current¬†’s Power Rankings for Week No. 2, the New York Jets, fresh off their convincing blowout victory of the Buffalo Bills, moved up six spots to No. 13 rank. But in what clearly is an act of devious mischievousness and tongue-in-cheek chicanery, the Jets are listed as “Tebow.” Ha.

But the conspiracy does not end there. Some of you may recall when in last November for its Week No. 11 Power Rankings, the Broncos who were “erroneously” listed by as “Tebow,” sitting with the ranking of No. 21:

What kind of twisted and manipulative games are the sadistic brain wizards at attempting to play upon NFL fans with their perverted brand of, uh, not referring to teams correctly? Unfortunately, I cannot say for certain — and in fact, I am not sure if been perpetrating this ruse on other occasions since the Broncos-Tebow switch and leading up to the Jets-Tebow switch, but I will offer this: something ain’t right.