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Photographer nearly has cranium caved in after Austin Kearns loses grip on bat (vid)

For one, brief, horrifying moment, a photographer probably had the terrifying vision of Austin Kearns’ bat going through his head going through his head. Sitting in the camera well alongside the third baseline during Monday’s Miami Marlins-Philadelphia Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, the photographer in question had only a protective screen to thank for preventing his skull from being crushed by Austin Kearns’ bat after the Marlins outfielder lost his grip on the lumber during the top of the 8th inning.

Hoo boy, talk about a close call. We often see this kind of reaction occur when a ball is fouled straight back to the screen: fans seated in the front row, with only split-second to respond, put up their arms to protect themselves despite the fact they are protected by a screen. We can’t blame them for the reflex, obviously, but it nevertheless remains an amusing sight, so long as you’re not the person witnessing firsthand. Now imagine seeing a bat bearing down on you while peering through the lens of a camera. Freaky.