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Photo of female Raiders fan is the quintessential Raiders fan photo

Oakland Raiders fans, as some — but not all — of them are wont to do, were up to their usual antisocial antics during the team’s loss to the San Diego Chargers by the score of 22-14 at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (which is actually now called Coliseum but it will always be Oakland-Alameda to me) on Monday night.

And not to paint all Raiders fans with a broad brush, representing the stereotypical die-hard Raiders backer at their quintessential essence is the above female Raiders fan, who, in the process of being cuffed for who knows what appears to have managed to elude the grasp of one of Alameda County Sheriff’s Department’s finest, albeit for a brief moment, during her arrest.

With an offensive stance that defiantly screams, “Your handcuffs cannot contain me!”, Lady Raiders Fan raises the arm/hand that has been cuffed and in an outward act of aggression toward the officer. Not a good idea, as you can see where that got her below:

Oh, Raiders fans. Don’t ever change. Keep up with the depraved behavior and wear it like a badge of psychotic honor.

[H/T Off the Bench]