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Deron Williams re-signed with Nets because team moved out of New Jersey (video)

The Garden State frequently gets a bad rap, and the news that the fact that the Nets leaving New Jersey and migrating to Brooklyn played a critical role in point guard Deron Williams’ decision to re-sign with the team doesn’t help the fine state’s already much maligned reputation.

Having never been to Jersey, I cannot comment on its qualities or deficiencies, but listening to Williams explain how he probably wouldn’t have re-signed with the Nets had they not moved to Brooklyn certainly is not a ringing endorsement of the state’s quality of life, at least from his perspective.

Said Williams in an exclusive interview with Business Insider:

“It was a huge factor,” Williams told us about the Nets moving to Brooklyn. “I don’t think I would have even thought about staying if it (the Nets franchise) was staying in New Jersey.”

Ouch. If I were Williams, I would pray that my car doesn’t stall on the New Jersey Turnpike anytime soon. New Jerseyans are already smarting from the Nets abandoning the state and my guess is if they recognized Williams, folks wouldn’t lift a finger to help Williams out of a jam.

But hey, New Jersey still has The Boss, Bon Jovi and Jason Alexander, right? That counts for something, I guess.