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Andy Murray, pals rack up $6K bar tab after US Open win; Murray’s part? $6 (pic)

Murray, with girlfriend Kim Sears at Hakkasan (Photo credit: Sara Jaye/Rex Features)

It would be reasonable to expect that after notching his first Grand Slam title with an epic victory over Novak Djokovic on Monday — a match that lasted five grueling hours — Andy Murray would be in the mood to celebrate and that the beer would flow like wine when he and 30 of his friends descended upon a New York bar.

The beer — and other spirits — did in fact flow like wine, to the tune of $6,448, but Murray wasn’t one of the folks partaking in the revelry. In fact, according to reports, Murray only indulged in a lemon soda to the tune of six bucks.

Photo of the receipt follows.

The scene at NYC hotspot Hakkasan, via the Evening Standard:

…Murray arrived at the exclusive Chinese diner about half an hour after closing time, and the staff happily opened the doors to the new champion. It was worth it. Murray’s party went through 17 “Zesty Martinis” at $255 a bottle and two bottles of Louis Roederer at $396, racking up $6,448 in the restaurant’s Ling Ling bar with a tip of $1,289 — and that was before they started in on the spicy prawns and roasted silver cod.

Murray also left the restaurant staff an autographed menu.

Sounds like a grand time. And really, it’s understandable that Murray preferred to not allow the intoxicating effects of alcohol to obscure his enjoyment of what he had just accomplished, instead preferring to sit back and soak it all in. Still, a lemon soda? How about a Shirley Temple?

And finally, there is no word on whether or not the maître d’ at the Chinese restaurant informed Murray and his entourage that their table would be ready in, “Five, ten minutes.” But somehow, I doubt it.

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