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Jim Irsay references Pulp Fiction’s Gimp in tweet about Jerry Jones’ glasses cleaning

The interwebs had loads of fun mocking and ridiculing and riffing on the fact that during the New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys game on Wednesday night, Jerry Jones’ son-in-law was captured during the broadcast cleaning his father-in-law’s glasses. But no one nailed it quite as well — both from a humor standpoint and in light of the fraternity he belongs to — as Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Irsay, known as something of a Mad Tweeter — especially given his esteemed position as an owner of a National Football League team — tweeted out a brilliant joke about Jones’ lenses-cleaning antics very, very early Friday morning:

Haha. Freaking brilliant. If only someone would pee on the carpet in his owner’s box. Then you’d see some crafty pop culture reference magic out of Irsay.

But what happens if the Gimp’s sleeping when he’s needed? I guess that means Irsay would have to tell someone they’re gonna have to wake him up, then.

But seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that. My guess is Zed would have approved, but unfortunately, Zed’s dead. Also: he’s a fictional character.

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