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Dallas pizzeria excels at humor, fails at punctuation with deal for rival fans (pics)

You have to give North Dallas restaurant Extreme Pizza a lot of credit for the wit involved in coming up with its unique “special” for fans of rival teams of the Dallas Cowboys. But then again, you have to give the eatery low marks for the egregious punctuation errors on the sign that boasts the extremely unfair offer for fans of the Washington Redskins and New York Giants.

Yeah. Ouch.

That’s right: for the inflated price of only $863.49, fans of the “Redskin’s” and “Giant’s” can get a jumbo-sized slice of cheese pizza and ice-cold fountain drink. The price for “Cowboy’s” (yeah, they screwed up on that sign too) fans is only $3.50:

But how did the offer go over on Wednesday night when the hometown Cowboys took on the Giants? Were there any takers?

Assistant manager Chris Donnell confirmed that no customers said they were Giants fans Wednesday night. One patron jokingly said he was a Redskins fan when the sign had been posted in the past.

“He wasn’t really a Redskins fan,” Donnell said. “You kind of got to be crazy to be a Redskins fan in Dallas, or very brave.”

Yeah, you would have to be crazy. Maybe even crazy enough to pay $863 for a slice of pizza and a pop, so perhaps a Redskins fan will take them up on their offer.

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