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Superfan achieves fame for Kansas City Chiefs glass eye (video)

Meet Steve Graham. He is 58 years old. He hails from the Kansas town of Pomona but was born in Kansas City. And in case his ocular accessory (below) doesn’t make it clear enough, Steve Graham is something of a Kansas City Chiefs fan:

Yep, that’s a Kansas City Chiefs glass eye.

Graham lost his right eye in 1967 due to a tragic dart accident (is there any other kind?) when he was 13. Kansas City Chiefs-centric blog Arrowhead Addict was one of the first sites that initiated Graham’s glass eye rise to viral status:

Steve had the eye made ten years ago when he went in to have some replacement artificial eyes made. His Dr. suggested he have a Chiefs eye mad [sic] so he could show his spirit like nobody else when attending games. Steve took him up on it.

Steve assured me he doesn’t go walking around with his Chiefs eye in at all times, as it can freak some folks out. He has two other regular artificial eyes that match his real left eye. Still, when it is game time, there is no questioning Steve’s devotion to the Chiefs. He also has a Derrick Thomas tribute tattoo.

Now, he’s being profiled on local news reports. All because of his ultimate symbol of team devotion. Not a bad gig if you can get it. Except for, you know, the part about losing his left eye and all.