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Mark Sanchez cracks ‘joke’ about Jets owner’s pro-Tim Tebow comments

Sigh. Another day, another chapter in the Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow-New York Jets-Quarterbacking-Conundrum saga. According to a report from the New York Daily News, Sanchez cracked a joke on Wednesday about Jets owner Woody Johnson’s pro-Tebow comments last week when the man who signs Sanchez’s paychecks said, “I think you can never have too much Tebow.”

Proclaiming later that Johnson is merely “excited about him” and doesn’t perceive the comments as threats, here’s what Sanchez said, while reportedly cracking a smile, about Jets owner’s comments that indicate his apparent infatuation with the team’s current backup quarterback:

“Selling seats, man. Selling seats.”

Uh, zing?

Showing off his new-found comedic timing, Sanchez subsequently added:

“ No… obviously Tim helps us. He can run it. He can throw it. He can do it all. Hopefully we’ll give teams their fair share of Tebow and see what they can do.”

Fair enough, but here’s the rub: hopefully, Sanchez was actually joking and soberly recognizes that “selling seats” isn’t the only reason behind Johnson saying “you can never have too much Tebow.” The fact remains, if Sanchez falters in the slightest, odds are his leash will be very, very short and before he knows it, he’ll have plenty of time to work on crafting additional material for his fledgling stand-up comedy career.

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