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John Clayton rocks ponytail, Slayer shirt in best ‘SportsCenter’ commercial ever (vid)

ESPN has made many fantastic SportsCenter commercials over the years, but it could be argued that none of them hold a candle to the newest one, which features buttoned-down NFL analyst John Clayton playing against character in an ad where Neil Everett praises him for always being a dedicated Johnny-On-The-Spot whenever an NFL report needs to be filed or when insight needs to be gleaned from him for SportsCenter.

Ha. Brilliant. An instant classic.

Of course, as Deadspin has pointed out previously, whether or not Clayton does in fact rock a ponytail has been a heavily debated issue on the interwebs, so the fact that the speculation was embraced makes this commercial that much better.

The fact that he supposedly lives at home, flops on his bed and hollers at his mom ties everything together fantastically.

The Slayer shirt helps too. South of Heaven, brah.

(makes Sign of the Horns, cranks “Reign in Blood”)