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Chicks, Man

Here’s Kate Upton cradling some baby chicks in her ample bosom (photo)

Yeah, this is pretty much pandering at its lowest common denominator, but I do not expect many complaints. Because I know my audience, and I know them well. Here’s the equation:

Kate Upton + “ample bosom” = pageviews

Actually, you could probably subtract “ample bosom” out of there and the equation would still be correct.

Granted, it’s not as sexy nor as provocative as some of Kate Upton’s finest work as documented here at the Sportress on many, many occasions, but this photo, which landed on the cover of something called theĀ CR Fashion Book, is still, you know, Kate Upton and stuff.

Also, it’s the first time in SoB’s history that the category, “Chicks, Man”, can be taken literally. Which is kind of neat.

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