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Giants LB Mathias Kiwanuka complains about refs, crafts brilliant one-liner

There was much trepidation, hand-wringing and a sense of apprehension with a tinge of dread being felt by fans, players and likely, the NFL as well as the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys took the field at MetLife Stadium on Wednesday night as the teams kicked-off the 2012 NFL season. And of course, it had nothing to do with the players or the teams on the field. Instead, it had everything to do with the fellas in the black-and-white-striped get-ups who were sharing the field with the players.

With the NFL and the regular referees at an impasse, replacement refs were given their first opportunity to showcase their skills — or lack thereof — during a regular season game.

All in all, initial commentary regarding their performance indicates that the replacement referees did an acceptable job, handling their duties competently without any glaring errors, mistakes or epic fails.

Although one New York Giants player, linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka, had one minor complaint about the referees’ overall performance during New York’s 24-17 loss to Dallas, and while expressing it, manufactured a fantastic one-liner in the process.

Speaking about the lack of holding calls against Cowboys players blocking him, here’s was Kiwanuka had to say, as reported by the Star-Ledger:

“I haven’t been held this much since I was a baby,” Kiwanuka said, and he wasn’t able to hold back a smile…

Brilliant. I’ve never heard that one before, which in and of itself is pretty surprising.

Well-executed zinger, Mr. Kiwanuka. Well-executed indeed.