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ChiSox fan dropping two balls highlights wacky day in stands at U.S. Cellular (video)

And now, Part II in our Thursday morning series, “When Trying to Collect Souvenir Balls at the Park Goes Wrong”: during the Chicago White Sox-Minnesota Twins tilt at U.S. Cellular Field on Wednesday, in an act of ham-fisted ineptitude, a ChiSox fan dropped not one, but two foul balls hit right at him. The balls bounced right off his hands.

But that’s not all that occurred on this sunny Chicago day at the ballgame. As the highlights below indicate, several fans got into the souvenir ball-catching action. One of them was successful. The other? Not so much.

Of course, the White Sox fan who has two balls bounce off his hands is the best — or worst, depending on your point of view — part of the video. But you have to like the guy who snags a foul ball a holds up his prized keepsake in triumph, only to get the chance to be able to laugh at another souvenir-seeker who tumbles over the seats in his bid for gameday memento.

But still, the guy who dropped two balls? Terrible. You have to feel for him. I only hope that on his way home from the game, two other balls dropped after following that emasculating performance, if you know what I mean.