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To show he is ‘ready to fight for NHLPA,’ Alex Ovechkin got a haircut (photo)


Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin is just a boy with a new haircut (and that’s a pretty nice haircut).

Now that I have the obligatory Pavement reference out of the way, allow me to opine that Ovie’s new hairdo is totally styling, and the notion that it indicates that he’s ready to fight on behalf of the NHL Players Association as the union and league go toe-to-toe in stalemated negotiations that by all indications will result in at the very least a delayed start to the season, the fact that he chose a military-esque crew cut certainly rings true:

He’s ready for war. Or has set himself up for much easier mornings getting ready to head out the door.

And is it just me, or with the new haircut, does Ovechkin have something of a Jesse Pinkman kind of vibe going on now?

[H/T D.C. Sports Bog]