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Rejoice, Interwebs: Ozzie Guillen has made a triumphant return to Twitter

It has been 110 long, Ozzie Guillen-less days on the interwebs since the Miami Marlins skipper delighted us with his sometimes nonsensical, often in Spanish and always entertaining ramblings courtesy of his Twitter account. And even though the Marlins are suffering through a terrible season, it is time for the world to rejoice, as with the somewhat ominous tweet above, Ozzie Guillen has made his triumphant return to Twitter. Happy days, indeed.

And now, a look at what was on Ozzie’s mind as he loosened-up his atrophied tweeting muscles.

First, a look at Ozzie’s day at the golf course:

But during his country club escapades, Ozzie showed that he always paying attention to the real world by commenting upon Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC:

There you go. Overall, the tweets lacked the controversy and distinct “Ozzie-ness” of some of his previous forays into Twitterbased hilarity — and the above tweets were a bit period-heavy, don’t you think? — but still, it should go without saying: Welcome back, Ozzie. We’ve missed ya.