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Oklahoma State student punches roommate who said football was ‘stupid’

It’s a safe bet that a majority of the students at Oklahoma State University love their football. But in light of the following story, the same can’t be said about the roommate of one apparently diehard Oklahoma State Cowboys fan. What can be said about said roommate, however, is that deciding to make the outrageous — and evidently rage-inducing statement — that football is stupid, his football-loving roommate is more than happy to lay him out.

According to a report out of Stillwater, Okla., a disagreement over the relative worth of the sport of football resulted in a fight between students at the university:

Captain David Altman said two students in Davis Hall got into an argument over the value of football as a sport. Altman said the victim told his roommate football was a stupid sport. The roommate did not agree and asked him to go outside, Altman said. The victim told police he intended to leave anyway and misunderstood the question.

Once outside, Altman said the roommate struck the victim several times with his fists, causing minor injuries.

No word on whether or not the aggressor stole a page out of the playbook of Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy¬†and¬†stood over the victim to yell some variation of Gundy’s classic “I’M A MAN!!!” rant. But you know what? It would have been cool if he had.

The victim reportedly was taken to the hospital, was treated for his minor injuries and later released.

Let this be a lesson to this unnamed victim: don’t you dare besmirch the great game of football, lest you choose to once again suffer the fists-of-fury-delivered consequences. Go Cowboys!

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