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Homophobic banner spotted at nationally televised high school football game (pic)

During ESPN’s broadcast of a high school football game between Alabama schools Spanish Fort and Daphne, fans of Spanish Fort were spotted waving a banner. Unfortunately for anyone watching, the banner contained a homophobic insult directed at the team colors of the school’s opponent.

Making light of Daphne’s purple uniforms, Spanish Fort fans held up a banner that read: “Purple? Man, that’s GAY.”

Classy. It didn’t end there, either. Folks supporting Spanish Fort also had another sign at the game, making light of the fact that the rival school’s name, Daphne, also happens to be used a girl’s name:

Wow. Total burn. Well played, everyone.

Of course, not really well played at all. And had the cretins behind the sign put any thought whatsoever into their banner, they could have come up with a solid taunt that wouldn’t have been so mean-spirited and lame. Obviously, with the name “Daphne,” they could have easily went with a killer Scooby-Doo reference to none other than the most attractive member of the Mystery Machine travelers, Daphne Blake:

And how she was portrayed in the live film version by the adorable Sarah Michelle Gellar:

What’s that? The Daphne Blake-themed taunt they could have used? I don’t know, man, your guess is as good as mine. I’m all distracted now that I have Sarah Michelle Gellar on the brain. What happened to her anyway?

In any event, the lesson here should be: don’t bring homophobic signs to high school football games, people. Also, somebody get Sarah Michelle Gellar some work!

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